Financial Freedom
to everyone

StrongHands is a large community of financial activists, investors and enthusiasts engaged to free the people from state control of your money.

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Stronghands Community

What is StrongHands?

StrongHands is a coin to the people. We are a community driven project which aims to bring economic freedom to everyone. We manage decentralized, anonymous and free from censorship blockchains structures that offer a wide range of opportunities to make profit of your own money.
You can stake, mint, earn with masternodes, take advantage of all a brand new world from the DeFi dAPPS and yield farms to bring you to the cutting edge of the new economy trends.

We are not just another tech coin to solve a single puzzle, we ARE the new economy to the people, simple like that. Join StrongHands Community and get freedom from state control off your life.


For an in-depth overview, Stronghands Docs is the best starting place. For more articles and writings on Stronghands, check out our Dev Blog.

First Step: Get your wallet.

First thing first: you need a wallet to send, receive, and store StrongHands Coins. The desktop wallet also enables minting blocks and securing of the network.

Buy some SHND or SHMN

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StrongHands Exchange is the right place to acquire SHND and SHMN. Create an account and trade your cryptocurrency for our coins.

Finally... you dunk it to the basket ring

This is where you get rewarded by minting in your wallet.

Check out the Docs to Learn how it works.

StrongHands Foundation

Our Projects

StrongHands Masternode
StrongHands Masternode

The coin created with support from The StrongHands Community to be a reliable, fast, secure and private method of payment transactions.


Start accepting SHND payments with 0% fees and no third-party. It is secure, private, censorship-resistant and free.

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Stronghands Exchange

The trading platform of the StrongHands Community. A fast, safe and decentralized exchange.

StrongHands Finance

A modern crosschain DeFi token that provides you access to the iSHND Finance platforms.


StrongHands Masternode (SHMN)

Our Masternode function based on Dash and PIVx protocols enabling great passive income from an innovative chain where holders can do fast, secure and trustless transactions. With StrongHands Masternodes users can secure and optionally simply obfuscate simple transfers.

To help facilitate broad community cooperation, many trusted StrongHands Community Leaders have writing permissions to the project’s codebase, allowing for keeping decentralization and continuity. Community members, old and new, are encouraged to find ways to contribute to the success of the project. If you have experience with programming, product design, QA engineering, translation, or have a different set of skills that you want to bring to the project, your involvement is appreciated!


SHND Specs

The StrongHands™ network is supported by a powerful P2P network of users dedicated to speed, transparency, and security. The maximum reward system ensures a scaling, secure platform for mining and trading.

White Paper

PoW Algorithm


Designed to guarantee the integrity of encrypted messages and the uniqueness of each data block.

PoS Reward

2,540 coins/Block

Reward earned based on total wallet value held for 29 consecutive days. (not automatic after 30 days)

PoS Stake Age

30 days

Built-in security enables a lengthy stake age.

Total Supply

29 Billion Supply

The entire world supply of SHND is currently limited to roughly 29 billion coins.

Block Time

2.5 minutes

Each StrongHands block takes approximately two and a half minutes to complete on the network.

P2P Port


The current available peer-to-peer port for mining and transactions.

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